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CNC Precision Machining parts-Brass
 Product Description

Brass Machining, Brass Machine Screws, Brass Machined Parts

Free Cutting Brass, Brass Machine Screw:

·         C3601, C3602, C3603, C3604, C3605:
Excellent Machining ability, brass cnc parts and C3601. C3602 good extensibility too.
Uses: computer electronic, clock, pen, light, and fishing rivet: nut, gear, valve, camera parts, hardware parts. C3604, C3605.

Leadless Free Cutting Brass, Brass Machine Parts:

·         C6801, C6802, C6803, C6804:
Leadless free cutting brass: low lead, low cadmium, low chromium, low mercury suitable for environment.
Purpose of Brass with excellent machining ability.
Uses: computer electronic, clock, pen, light, fishing, rivet, nut, gear optical, medical, valve, camera parts and hardware parts.

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